GN Graduate Program

GN Graduate Program

The GN Graduate Program offers you a unique opportunity to make a true difference in people’s everyday lives. As a GN Graduate you will experience a great network of peers, a steep learning curve, management exposure, and get a unique opportunity to develop personal and professional skills in a global setting. Our long-term plans include you.

Apply for one of our five tracks:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Supply Chain

We offer a two-year cross-functional program with three rotations of eight months duration. During one of your rotations, you will be expatriated and work in one of our subsidiaries abroad. Start date for next years’ program is September 1, 2024.


Graduate Program at GN


Engineering Graduate Track

As an Engineering Graduate you will work on innovative research projects and be an active part of the product development pipeline in the area best suited to your own education and skills. You will rotate through related departments across GN Audio and GN Hearing to gain a well-rounded skill set within your area of interest.


Meet María our Engineering Graduate

Marketing Graduate Track

With the Marketing Graduate Program our goal is to develop highly qualified marketers with global and local hands-on experience. During your rotations you will have the opportunity to drive and take part in projects involving a range of Marketing disciplines. The range include strategy, digital transformation, partnerships and other strategic and cross-functional initiatives.

Meet Luyao our Marketing Graduate

Finance Graduate Track

As a Finance Graduate you will gain in-depth knowledge about GN’s finance and business development functions. The program offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the interdependencies between business functions within a multinational organization, the daily operation of both global and local finance functions, business partnering, project management and strategic execution.

Meet Ray our Finance Graduate

IT Graduate Track

We offer a unique opportunity for you to be part of shaping our digital solutions of tomorrow as a GN IT Graduate - the newest track in our GN Graduate Program. Based in Group IT, you will join our IT professionals in collaboration on state-of-the-art technology and concepts supporting the business from a research and development, manufacturing, supply chain and sales perspective.

Meet Eleni our IT Graduate

Supply Chain Graduate Track

Another new track to the Graduate family is within Supply Chain. As a Global Supply Chain Graduate you will get to work with both our GN Audio and GN Hearing Supply Chain organizations during your two year assignment. During the program you will gain insight in how the full supply chain process is as well as the day-to-day management and the strategic direction of Operations in a world-leading tech company.

Meet Johan our Global Supply Chain Graduate

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