Meet Ray our Finance Graduate

Name: Ray G. Li
Track and Graduate generation: Global Finance Graduate, 2022-2024

Education: MSc in Applied Economics and Finance at CBS
Nationality: Danish/American


Why did you apply for the Graduate Program?
The GN Graduate Program attracted me due to its structured training, development opportunities as well as opening doors to a vast professional network within the company across divisions. Knowing that the majority of the former graduates within GN has continued to stay at the company speaks to how much emphasis GN puts on maintaining and nurturing in-house talents and fast-tracking their career development.

In addition, I was particularly interested in working with a company that produces products for end-users that I could relate to. In this aspect, GN’s profile appealed to me given how the Covid-19 pandemic has  accelerated the change in how we perceive the workplace and the move toward the use of technology to facilitate communication as we get accustomed to virtual settings as the new norm. GN has a strong portfolio of video and audio products to facilitate hybrid work and is in the forefront of enhancing digital experience, and I am proud to play a role in this journey to redefine how we work and interact.

What is your favorite thing about being a Graduate?
My favorite thing about being a Graduate, aside from being part of an amazing cohort of diverse and inspiring individuals, is that I feel fully integrated into the team I am in and the high standards that has been set by the previous graduates. Since day one, I have been responsible for providing key deliverables including relevant financial and business-related performance reports to senior management, which will assist them in making key financial decisions. In addition, I enjoy the fast-paced environment and steep learning curve in taking on new challenges and ownership of selected corporate finance tasks. I was heavily involved with the budget process for GN Audio’s consumer division, and more recently will further take over some business analyses reporting on our Industry Solutions segment. The knowledge and skills I gain from this rotation will be extremely valuable during my second rotation away from HQ and will enable me to gain a more holistic understanding of GN and its various functions.