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Investor Relations Team and Policy

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Rune Sandager
Head of Investor Relations
Tel: +45 45 75 92 57


Investor Relations policy

Investor Relations purpose

GN seeks a diverse pool of long-term focused investors which support the company’s vision and strategy. The purpose of GN’s Investor Relations team is to:

  • Ensure that relevant, accurate and timely information is provided to the financial community to ensure that the GN share is fairly priced
  • Ensure that GN is perceived as a visible, accessible, reliable and professional company by maintaining sound communication with the capital markets
  • Ensure that information from the capital market is channeled back to the Executive Management and Board of Directors
  • Ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations

Communication with the capital markets

Actively communicating with capital markets

  • GN’s aims to communicate professionally and efficiently in order to maintain a good and sound relationship with existing and potential shareholders, financial analysts and other stakeholders
  • An active dialogue is pursued through information being continually announced to the market as company announcements or press releases, pre-close briefs, etc. combined with investor meetings, broker conferences, capital market events and conference calls presenting GN’s interim and annual results
  • Following the release of interim and annual results, GN conducts roadshows where the Executive Management and the Investor Relations team inform investors and financial analysts about the recent developments in GN

Communication format

  • Communication is open, responsible, clear, timely and consistent with the core values and strategy of GN. GN releases company announcements, press releases, investor presentations and interim and annual reports in English
  • Authorized spokespersons that communicate with the investment community are the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Executive Management and the Investor Relations team unless otherwise agreed
  • Investor Relations aims to be present at all interactions with capital markets participants

Legal considerations

  • All share price sensitive information is published via relevant distribution channels on our website in accordance with applicable regulation. GN will not comment on share price movement, market rumors or speculative inquiries unless legally required to do so
  • GN will discuss the general factors which may influence the underlying assumptions used for future projections, point out information that is in the public domain
  • A silent period applies ahead of financial reporting releases, starting four weeks ahead of the release. In this period, GN will refrain from answering questions on detailed, financial matters from members of the press or analysts. GN may in this period answer general inquiries concerning information that are not share price sensitive or refer to information already in the public domain