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GN Group

GN brings people closer through our leading intelligent hearing, audio, video, and gaming solutions. Inspired by people and driven by innovation, we deliver technology that enhance the senses of hearing and sight. We help people with hearing loss overcome real-life challenges, improve communication and collaboration for businesses, and provide great experiences for audio and gaming enthusiasts.

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GN unfolded

Get a visual introduction to GN and learn who we are and how we work. Inspired by people and driven by a strong passion for technology, we want to bring people closer through the power of sound and vision. We are GN.

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GN strategy 2020 and beyond

GN enables people to Hear More, Do More and Be More, driven by deep understanding and commitment to customers’ unique needs, innovation leadership and commercial & eco-system excellence. We leverage the synergies between its medical, professional and consumer competencies and drive growth by delivering uniquely and increasingly individualized customer experiences in our products and solutions.

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GN proudly builds on more than 150 years of expertise. Today, we honor that legacy with our world-leading intelligent hearing, audio, video and gaming solutions.

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Sustainability at GN

Our sustainability and ESG strategy is first and foremost driven by a desire to make real and lasting impact. Therefore, sustainability is integrated into how we run our company, as a consideration in every decision we make.

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GN Foundation

The GN Foundation was founded in 1956. The Foundation provides grants in accordance with its mission to support scientific, technical, national, non-profit and humane purposes as deemed to be of social importance to society.

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