Business Ethics

GN continues its commitment to doing things the right way, complying with relevant international regulations. This work is anchored in our Code of Conduct, the GN Ethics Guide, our anti-corruption policies, our Supplier Code of Conduct and other policies and guidelines. These outline the fundamental requirements for how GN operates and describe the responsibilities and ethical standards expected of all employees and relevant business partners and offers support and guidance for employees in case they require help in ensuring GN’s high standards.

To ensure and document that employees are familiar with the GN Ethics Guide and other key policies, employees are annually required to sign off on complying with GN policies within specific areas. Likewise, employees annually complete GN’s e-learning courses within key topics such as anti-corruption, information security, data security, and competition compliance. Every year, this is supplemented with tailored compliance training for selected business areas and employees, live trainings conducted based on risk assessment and on request. 




GN’s Ethics Guide is available in 10 languages here