Safeguarding Human Rights

Safeguarding human rights in our supply chain requires that we continuously monitor supplier compliance with GN’s Codes of Conduct and local laws, and immediately address any cases of non-compliance. Due to the nature of our products and industry, and the location of manufacturing sites, we assess potential human rights-related risks to lie mostly in the area of working conditions and occupational health and safety. All tier 1 suppliers are audited every year and tier 2 suppliers every second year.


Audits are based on the UN Global Compact principles of responsible business and the SA8000 standard. In practice, during an audit, workers are randomly selected for an interview and an assessment to ensure their working hours, treatment by superiors, safety and salary are compliant with our standards and the local law. We require major audit findings to be addressed through corrective action.


To strengthen our human rights due diligence processes, in 2022, GN Audio became an affiliate member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), thereby committing to implement its industry-leading standards set out in the RBA Code of Conduct across its supply chain. RBA strengthens GN Audio’s audit process, by providing third-party audit information, as well as insights into rapidly evolving human rights legislation relevant to GN across the world.