Our business standards

Business ethics and compliance

We work with employees and business partners, covering all third parties GN interacts with, all over the world. Ethical business conduct in all our operations is important in achieving our mission. Irrespective of country and business partner, we focus on securing the same basic rights for all people who take part in the production and support of our products and services worldwide. We focus on acting with integrity and high ethical standards and require the same of all our business partners to avoid unethical business conduct.


Ethics guide

Our ethics guide applies to all our employees, including officers and directors. GN expects all employees to act honestly in all dealings, comply with the laws and regulations governing our businesses, and maintain an ethical work environment. The purpose of this document is to ensure employees, understand and apply our business standards to everyday actions and decisions. 

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Code of conduct

Our supplier code of conduct applies to all our operations as well as our supplier’s operations. We expect the highest level of integrity to be upheld by our business in all business interactions.  The purpose of this document is to ensure that all business partners understand and apply the highest level of ethics and integrity in all business dealings.

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We recognize the potential for inquiries into the delineation arising of ethical business conduct. To anticipate any uncertainty regarding the conduct we expect from our employees, we prioritize clear communication of our ethical standards and comprehensive training initiatives. This ensures our rules are always clear.

Online control system
Once a year our employees are asked to read our Ethics Guide and acknowledge compliance with the guidelines. 

We have annually provide e-learning courses within anti-corruption,competition, and anti-harassment targeted at our top management, including our General Managers, Senior Vice Presidents and Executive Management.

We supplement e-learning courses with regular face-to-face workshops for selected employee groups. Both employees and managers attend thse workshops. This training session allows diving into different dilemma scenarios as well as discussions on any questions employees may have.