Meet Johan our Global Supply Chain Graduate

Name: Johan Hilsøe
Track and Graduate generation: Supply Chain, 2022-2024

Education: MSc Operations Management (cand.polyt.), SDU
Nationality: Danish

Why did you apply for the Graduate Program?
Throughout my years of studying I have been in doubt about where I wanted to pursue a career when I had handed in my thesis. There are so many possibilities, so how do you choose which direction to go? The unique opportunity of getting to work in different departments and countries was too good for me to pass up on. While learning how different businesses and functions work, you also learn more about what your personal and professional interests are. Furthermore, the diversity, organization and industry of GN are all big plusses, as the people and culture play an important role in your day-to-day work life.

What is your favorite thing about being a Graduate?
Since day one I have been involved in projects where I was able to make real impact in GN’s Operations. I am enjoying the fast-moving environment and participating in operational as well as strategic projects, where collaboration across functions and departments are the key to success. Due to GN’s global presence and operations, the need to work in and with different environments and cultures provides me with a unique combination of knowledge and skills – especially through the 8-month rotation abroad which is an additional highlight of the graduate program.