Recruitment at GN Group

The recruitment process

The recruitment process starts when you’ve submitted your application online through one of our global job portals. Depending on your location, and where you’re looking for a job, these are:

GN Group – EMEA, APAC & Emerging markets
GN ReSound (GN Hearing) – North America
GN Beltone (GN Hearing) – North America
Jabra (GN Audio) – North America

When uploading your cover letter and CV in one of our applicant tracking systems, you will receive a confirmation mail. Full confidentially is, of course, guaranteed throughout the entire process.


Review and shortlisting of candidates

If your application fulfils the criteria we have outlined in the job posting, we aim to get back to you as soon as possible after the application deadline. Depending on the process, we may contact you sooner. However, it is important for us to review all applications carefully, so please bear with us if it takes longer to respond.

When reviewing your application, we go through these steps:

we screen for job relevant competencies and deliverables in the past
we look for potential knowledge gaps and consider the importance of these if we decide to proceed with your candidacy
we contact you and plan the process ahead

If you continue to the second round, we use a combination of behavioral-based interviewing, assessment tools and references to make sure you are the perfect match for the position you’re applying for.