‘Exciting times’: In John’s 27 years with GN, he’s never been more excited about GN’s future. Here’s why

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May 12, 2020

Three months into GN’s “2020 and beyond” strategy, our focus on Individualized Customer Experiences is taking shape across the company. Amid the disruption and challenges of COVID-19, long-standing and dedicated colleagues like John Tugwell, Planning and Quality, GN Hearing, say they have never been more excited about GN’s future.

Check out John’s story about his 27-year journey with GN, and why he sees such a bright future.

Jogn tugwellExciting times. I have been with ReSound (later GN Hearing) from shortly after Dr. Rodney Perkins founded the company in California (I still talk to him). I have watched and participated in the expansion starting with the Cork facility opening, the eventual acquisition of Munster and later 3M Hearing; joint digital hearing aid development with Danavox/Philips and then the GN acquisition of ReSound in 1999.

I participated in the early development and transitions of the Quality/Regulatory systems in USA, Denmark, Ireland, Xiamen, Germany, Australia, Spain, UK, Brazil, Netherlands and Canada (at one time during these mergers and acquisitions we had 4 Notified Bodies for certification marking and 6 Registrars for ISO 9001).

I have travelled over 2 million air miles with the company. I have watched, observed and participated in nearly all the product developments and have audited and/or trained personnel at almost every production site in the world.

I have always believed that a company's technology development is extremely important but even more important is the ability to singularly focus a supply chain on "Customer Success". Successful customers drive successful business.

Congratulations GN Hearing on this new phase and focus. In 27 years of association, this is the most excited I have ever been about your future.

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