Jabra Elite 45h, best-in-class on-ear headphones announced at CES 2020

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Jan 06, 2020

Jabra sets a new standard for headphones in the below USD100 category
Battery life of up to 40 hours and ultra-fast charge of 8 hours in only 15 minutes
2-microphone call technology for crystal clear calls 
Compact, foldable and lightweight to support mobile lifestyles 
One-touch access to voice assistants
First product in Elite range to feature MySound to personalize music experience

Jabra, leader in personal sound and office solutions, announces the Jabra Elite 45h, engineered to be the best-in-class on-ear wireless headphones. The headphones offer an incredibly long battery life of up to 40 hours on just one charge, with large speakers that deliver a superior music experience. The Elite 45h features Jabra MySound, an innovative new technology by Jabra and sister company GN Hearing. MySound was created to optimize and personalize sound experiences based on individual hearing profiles. At a competitive price point of just MSRP USD99, the Jabra Elite 45h promises to be the best-in-class on-ear-headphones at CES 2020. 

The Jabra Elite 45h boasts a light, comfortable design that is sleek and stylish. Crafted from premium materials, the lightweight headband and soft oval ear-cushions mold to your ear for added comfort. The headphones provide a comfortable and immersive sound experience that were built to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life. 
Jabra MySound

As individuals we all have different abilities when it comes to hearing. The Elite 45h was designed with this in mind – to provide for personal preferences and elevate the sound experience for each individual user. It leverages hearing know-how and technology from sister company GN Hearing, producers of world-class hearing aids, to personalize the music experience. 

The Elite 45h requires users to utilize the Jabra Sound+ app where they will take a test comprising a series of beeps. Following that, the music audio is optimized for a truly personalized experience through MySound, that calibrates the headphones based on each users’ unique hearing profile. The Elite 45h are the first headphones to feature MySound, the true wireless Elite 75t and the new Elite Active 75t will have this feature from the second quarter of 2020.

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Compact and sound design
The Elite 45h is perfect for those on-the-go allowing users to bring the headphones with them no matter where life may lead them. The compact, foldable design is portable and provides non-stop companionship even when on the move owing to the incredibly long battery life. The Elite 45h boasts 40 hours of non-stop usage from just one charge. If you’re ever running low on battery, the fast charging capabilities of the Elite 45h means you can get up to 8 hours of usage from just 15 minutes of charging. 

The Elite 45h’s powerful speakers paired with the combination of multiple microphones offers the best on-ear calls and music experience. The large speakers enable powerful music to be delivered while the dual-mic design removes noise around you so you can enjoy crystal clear calls no matter where you are. 

René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra, said: “Portability is the name of the game for today’s consumers. Flitting from work to home and commuting several times a day means quality music and call experience on-the-go is a must. We are excited to introduce the all new Elite 45h, that was engineered with the everyday commuter in mind and the first product to feature our new MySound personalization feature. We have leveraged years of audio know-how to create the most portable, long-lasting, powerful and compact headphones that are as light on your wallet as they are in your hands!” 

Key features and specifications: 
Optimize the music experience to your individual hearing profile with MySound 
Over 8 hours battery life with just 15 minutes charge, with a total of 40 hours from one complete charge
Large 40mm speaker provides a powerful audio experience 
Lightweight and portable at just 170g 
Single fold allows headphones to lie flat, fitting easily into bags
Supports Bluetooth 5.0 for heightened connectivity 
Dual-microphone technology for crystal clear calls even in noisy and windy environments
One-touch access to Amazon Alexa, Siri® and Google Assistant

Pricing and availability

Jabra Elite 45h will be available in March 2020 in selected retailers, MSRP USD99. The headphones will be available in five colors – Titanium Black, Black (Best Buy US Exclusive), Gold Beige, Navy and Amazon exclusive Copper Black. 

The MySound feature will be showcased and can be tested at CES. Find out more about Jabra at CES at www.jabra.com/ces or visit us at Central Hall | Booth 16714   

*Registration required with the Jabra Sound+ App

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