Jabra Elite 85h

How GN’s AI-powered audio knows what you want to hear – and what you don’t

GN News

Jun 18, 2019

A service announcement on the train, a loud conversation next to your desk, or wind roaring while you’re walking down the street taking a call. As we move through our day, what we want to hear, and not hear, through our headphones changes.

But what if you didn’t have to make any changes, push any buttons or switch any settings? What if your smart headset or hearing aid, enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), knew what you wanted and did it all for you?

GN’s partnership with German-based audEERING gives us access to Europe’s lead innovator in intelligent audio analysis and emotional AI. Just one year into the alliance, we’re seeing the first fruits in Jabra Elite 85h’s SmartSound – audio that automatically adjusts to your surroundings. Going forward, audEERING’s expertise in automated recognition of emotional states and real time acoustic scene analysis, in tandem with Jabra’s leading sound technology, will lead to the development of even more intelligent audio solutions that support productivity among call center employees, professionals and consumers.

As we announced earlier this year, GN’s hearing aids will also soon utilize AI to intuitively adapt to the hearing aid user’s personal preferences in any sound environment. 

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