Innovation inspired by people

At GN, we believe that innovation is for everyone. This mindset is what drives innovation at our R&D centres around the world as we discover new potential and work with new partners. We have research and development centers in Denmark, the United States, the Netherlands, France, Poland and China where we leverage our world-leading expertise in the human ear, audio, video and speech, wireless technologies, software and miniaturization. Annually, we reinvest 9 percent of our revenue in research and development, which helps us to be at the forefront with user-centric innovations.

Our researchers and scientists collaborate on new technology across medical, professional and consumer grade products and solutions. They share insights and innovation breakthroughs across research clusters and disciplines such as software, hardware, hearing science, neuroscience and psycholinguistics.

We collaborate with customers, start-ups, and other industry leaders towards a vision of open and collaborative ecosystems. We have an open approach and develop technology that taps into core existing ecosystems, allowing our solutions to remain connected across multiple platforms without being restricted to one system. We also partner with external research centers and universities with leading scientists across the world.

All this enables GN to stay at the forefront of new scientific breakthroughs and foster new talent. We are excited to help build a better future and will continue to transform ourselves, our industry, and people’s lives by investing in new potential. We harness innovation so people can follow new paths, reach new goals, and get closer to what matters to them.