Meet Laura: “my favorite thing is the community that you build within the company”

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Nov 07, 2023


In this blog series, you will get to meet some of our current and former GN Graduates, who will share their experiences and learnings. Learn more about their challenges, success stories, and favorite aspects of being a graduate at GN. 

Name: Laura Maia de Souza Bernardes
Graduate track and generation: Finance track 2022-2024
Current rotation: Second rotation
Where: Bicester office, UK

What motivated you to apply for the GN Graduate Program?
I was motivated to apply for the GN Graduate Program as it gave me the opportunity to explore different areas of finance within a large, global company. GN also offers the possibility to go abroad and learn how our regional offices work, which I think is such a valuable learning experience as it gives a broad perspective of the company and how its regions interact. Finally, the chance to work with products that directly impact people’s well-being was also a factor that I considered when applying to GN.

What is your favorite thing about being a GN Graduate?
My favorite thing about being a GN Graduate is the community that you build within the company. Already from the beginning, you have other graduates to lean on, both in your generation and from past ones as well. Additionally, by being exposed to different teams you end up meeting with tons of different people across GN, which is valuable both professionally and personally, especially for someone who moved to Denmark from abroad.

What has been your biggest learning so far?
My biggest learning has come from experiencing different types of work – both project and day-to-day-based. This variety has helped me learn more about myself and what my preferences are. I think that is one of the many positives about the GN Graduate Program; that you can be exposed to different tasks and workflows so that you can identify what you really prefer!

What is the most challenging aspect of the program, and how are you overcoming it?
The most challenging part of the program is constantly being a new member of the team. As the rotations are 8 months long, you have to constantly adapt to new work and new colleagues. Although it is a challenge, it is also extremely rewarding and interesting. I think the most important thing is to keep a positive attitude and try to learn as much as possible in each rotation. The GN Graduate Program is the perfect place to develop new skills!

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for this program?
My main advice would be to come in with an open mind! One of the main purposes of the GN Graduate Program is to learn as much as possible and embracing both the opportunities and the challenges will definitely contribute to the experience.

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