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Investment case

The GN Store Nord investment case



1) In the mid-term, GN Hearing expects the global hearing aid market to continue to grow at around 4-6% in units with an ASP decline of around 1-2% annually
2) In the mid-term, GN Audio expects its markets to continue to grow at around 10% annually

The forward-looking statements reflect the management's current expectations of certain future events and financial results. Statements regarding the future are, naturally, subject to risks and uncertainties, which may result in considerable deviations from the outlook set forth. Furthermore, some of these expectations are based on assumptions regarding future events, which may prove incorrect. Changes to such expectation and assumptions will not be disclosed on an ongoing basis, unless required pursuant to general disclosure obligations to which GN is subject. Factors that may cause actual results to deviate materially from expectations include – but are not limited to – general economic developments and developments in the financial markets as well as foreign exchange rates, technological developments, changes and amendments to legislation and regulations governing GN’s markets, changes in the demand for GN's products, competition, fluctuations in sub-contractor supplies, and developments in ongoing litigation (including but not limited to class action and patent infringement litigation in the United States). These forward-looking statements should not be considered an offer to sell or buy securities in GN Store Nord.