Ever wondered how your hearing works?

Let's go inside the ear

Inside the ear

Hearing like you have never seen it before

Ears. Beautiful ears. What is going on inside? Let’s find out. In partnership with Soundly, we are going inside the ear to discover the answers to common questions, to help us all better understand, appreciate, and protect our hearing.

Watch this video to see why we want to demystify hearing loss


Take a tour inside the ear

Explore these 5 fascinating animations, created in collaboration with the artist Design Cells.


From sound waves to brain waves

Watch this video to travel through the ear as if you’re a vibrating air molecule. What happens along the way? Let’s find out.


Noise-induced hearing loss: how it happens

Ever wondered how noise affects our hearing? Take a close look at the impacts of sudden noises and exposure to sounds over time.


What does hearing loss look like?

Press Play to swim between the hair cells inside the ear and see how hearing loss damage happens inside the cochlea.


What is tinnitus?

See how ringing, buzzing, whooshing, or humming in the ear occurs without an external source and creates a feedback loop that the brain hears.


Earwax: friend or foe?

Earwax is a sticky topic that everyone is shy about. But see why earwax is our friend and watch how it plays a vital role in our ear health.


Want to put your hearing to the test?

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