Strategic focus for GN

Strategic focus for GN

For 155 years, GN has developed technology to bring people closer.

Today, we develop and market innovative hearing aids for people with hearing loss; headsets, speakerphones, and video gear for collaboration at work; a broad range of gear for gaming enthusiasts; and true wireless earbuds for music, calls, and an active lifestyle – products that truly bring people closer.

Driven by our innovative and market-leading portfolio of hardware and software technology solutions, GN enjoys strong positions across attractive markets characterized by high barriers to entry, strong megatrends, and multiple long-term growth drivers.


Our strategic focus
GN continues to refine its proven growth model, focusing resources on being a dedicated developer, manufacturer, and distributor, being a trusted partner to our customers and partners throughout the globe.

An integral part of this asset-light business model is a collaborative approach to important eco-systems and strategic partnerships, allowing GN to focus resources on what we do best and leverage partners where they are the best.

GN’s fundamental strategy builds on hardware and software innovation, combining our world-leading expertise and technologies. We will grow our attractive hearing, enterprise, and gaming & consumer businesses leveraging our market access and our unique and synergistic technology competencies.

Integrated sustainability strategy with ambitious goals
Sustainability is integrated into our business strategies. In practice this means that we aim to achieve our business goals at a minimal cost to the environment, while protecting the safety and rights of people across our value chain.

Transforming into a one-company setup
To unleash the full power of our organization, we in 2023 began simplifying our governance and organization.

We established the foundation for successfully leveraging the significant opportunities we have ahead of us. We strengthened our balance sheet, changed our governance model, and began capturing early synergies from new ways of working.

This transformation included the establishment of a unified leadership with one Group CEO, one Group CFO, and a new Executive Leadership Team, replacing the previous governance model with two sets of management for two separate companies as well as parent company management.

GN’s business activities are now organized in three divisions with clear accountability for customer and business success: Hearing, Enterprise, and Gaming & Consumer. At the same time, support and back-office functions were merged and reorganized to drive scale and synergies across the company: R&D, Operations, Finance, IT, People & Culture, and Strategy & Transformation.

These changes simplify our governance and strengthen the way GN operates.