Truly sustainable products and packaging

Our 2025 goals

Our products are uniquely designed to improve people’s quality of life, improving hearing and health, and supporting remote, sustainable collaboration. And we also want to make sure that the way our products and packaging are designed, manufactured, and treated at the end of their life minimizes the need for virgin materials and creates opportunities for re-use or recycling of valuable materials.


By 2025:

  • We aim to use at least 50% sustainable materials in new products, for materials for which sustainable alternatives exist 
  • Make all our new packaging truly sustainable, by dramatically reducing the use of plastic, minimizing size and weight, and using FSC certified cardboard and paper 
  • Expand take-back schemes to all relevant products and regions in GN Audio
  • Give more products a second life through repair and refurbishment in GN Audio 
  • As an enabler, we aim to use sustainable product development requirements for all new products, covering various dimensions

Jabra Elite 85t and Jabra Evolve2 truly sustainable packaging   

The most straightforward way to make packaging more sustainable is by making it smaller and lighter, meaning we need less raw material and we ship less air. Our Jabra Elite 85t earbuds packaging sets the new standard in this regard. It is 38% smaller and 33% lighter than the packaging of its predecessor, the Jabra Elite 75t.  

Going forward, GN will investigate ways to not only reduce packaging in size, but also remove outer packaging where possible. 

FSC Certification as our new standard 

In line with our 2025 goal, new packaging across GN will also come stamped with an FSC Certification label, referring to the responsible sourcing of all materials obtained from forests. This also ensures proper working conditions for those working in the forests, as well as no animal displacement. We are also moving to water and soy-based ink as a standard in our packaging. 

Dramatically reduce the use of plastic 

In line with our 2025 goal, by dramatically reducing the use of plastic we decrease raw material use and improve recyclability. Dramatically reducing the use of plastic means we will only use plastic if it is unavoidable (for example to ensure product safety) or when using plastic for a specific application is more sustainable than the alternatives. 

Creativity design awards acknowledge Jabra  

In 2020, GN was recognized by the 50th Creativity International Design Awards for our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions. We won two bronze awards for the Jabra Evolve2 packaging in the Eco-Friendly or Sustainable Design Electronics Packaging categories, with the jury remarking that the enticing, yet minimalistic design of the package was made possible due to a smaller and more eco-friendly package.