Download guide

How to install the ringtones: IPhone 

  1. Download the ringtone with extension .m4r to your desktop 
  2. Open iTunes (you can download it here:
    - Connect your iPhone to your PC with a cable
    - Go to “tones” in iTunes and drag (or copy-paste) the ringtones from your desktop (if you are not allowed to drag the file please go to “edit” in iTunes and find “settings”. In “settings” go to the page with the icon showing the iPhone and make sure that both boxes are ticked in the menu that opens) 
    - Press sync if it does not happen automatically
  3. On your iPhone, open settings
    - Go to “Sounds” and then to “Ringtones”
    - The GN ringtones will appear after syncing with iTunes 
    - Set the selected tone as your default rington

How to install the ringtones: Android

  1. Download the ringtone in MP3 format from the server to your computer desktop or directly to your phone by using its browser.
  2. Import the file as a song using your music player app (you may be able to combine this with step 1 in some music player apps, accessing the file directly on the server from the app and importing it straight from there)
  3. Open the music player app
    - Look for the ringtone file (in the form of a song); press and hold until a contextual menu comes up 
    - Select it as new ringtone and the OS will do the rest.