Profound expertise in sound

Leading the way with pioneering innovations, our greatest technological advantage is our 150 years of expertise in ears, sound, wireless and miniaturization. We link deep insight and knowledge from both the hearing aid and the headset industries – and we do it all under one roof.

At GN, we have consistently developed and brought to market what the world thought wasn’t possible. Our legacy of producing world first sound solutions and pioneering advancements in technology include being the first to market a mobile Bluetooth headset, the first to utilize 2.4 GHz technology in hearing aids, as well as the first to launch professional active noise cancellation headphones certified for all leading Unified Communications.

Our researchers and scientists collaborate on new technology concepts across consumer, professional and medical grade products and solutions. They share insights and innovation breakthroughs across research clusters and disciplines such as software, hardware, hearing science, neuroscience and psycho-linguistics. Looking ahead we will continue to lead the way into the future of Hearables with reading and interpretation of reliable biometric data from the ear, allowing future users to prevent health problems.

We may be a cutting-edge technology company with extremely gifted researchers and scientists – but we fundamentally believe that technology is only relevant when addressing true needs for human beings.  This unique combination of competencies enables us to develop truly intelligent audio solutions that make life sound better for users of GN products around the world.