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Sound Identity

Sound Identities for our brands

Why Sound Identity? 
GN is all about sound. Our purpose is Making Life Sound Better. That is why it felt natural to include the element of sound in our new branding. By doing this we deliver a comprehensive brand experience.

The new sound identities will strengthen the unique personality of each brand and contribute to a stronger brand experience through emotional connection.

The sound identities come with a comprehensive library of sound elements that can be adapted for use in different situations.

Please scroll down to experience our sounds.



The brand attributes of ReSound are brought to life acoustically in the sound identity.

ReSound is pioneering, with a visionary and bold outlook that has driven us forward as first-movers. That is why our sound identity has an exploring tone progression and futuristic atmosphere.

ReSound technology and the way we work is intuitive. The intuitive aspect is reflected in the new sound identity by the varied rhythm and the simple memorable melody.

ReSound is accomplished. This genuine authority is evident in the rich and refined sound mix.

ReSound is reliable. Our enduring relationship with hearing care professionals and users makes us a trusted partner in a way that helps everyone, no matter who or where they are. That’s why we have created a positive and confident sound identity melody which expresses a sense of security.

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The brand attributes of Beltone are brought to life acoustically in the sound identity.

Beltone is the trusted hearing care partner that’s always there to guide you. Beltone is compassionate, because hearing loss shouldn’t be experienced alone. Beltone has unconditionally served and cared for people who experience hearing loss with dedication for more than 75 years.

The main melody in the sound identity will remind you of the sound of the brand name as a call-and-response “Bel-tone, Bel-tone”. The combination of electronic and acoustic instruments communicates both technology and human care. Because care is so central to Beltone we created a human-generated combination of sounds to keep it warm and personal along with the lead sound, which is bell-like.

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The brand attributes of Interton are brought to life acoustically in the sound identity.

Interton is optimistic, straightforward, bold and resourceful, offering great value for money. Interton hearing solutions can help you hear better and connect back with the people and activities you enjoy.

The direction of the melody is upwards, which communicates our brand attribute of optimism. The dotted rhythm is dynamic and happy and the tempo is bright and energetic. Just three notes make it simple, clear and memorable, reflecting Interton’s straightforward, bold and resourceful identity.

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