Profound expertise in sound

GN’s purpose is to make life sound better. We build on 150 years of expertise, capabilities and insight to produce some of the best and most innovative audio devices in the world.

We have pioneered new communication experiences from wired to wireless – from the continental telegraph connections of the 19th century to the technologically advanced and user-friendly headsets and hearing aids of the 21st century. This gives us unrivalled understanding of sound and speech enabling us to make the most advanced solutions of their time.

We have consistently developed and brought to market what the world thought wasn’t possible. Our legacy of producing world first sound solutions and pioneering advancements in technology include 2.4 GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity and the world’s first Made for Apple hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming. We launched the world’s first professional active noise cancelation headphone certified for all leading Unified Communication platforms, and launched the world’s first wireless Dolby sports earbuds with integrated heart rate monitor.

We are the only company with world-leading expertise in the human auditory system, sound and speech, wireless technologies, and software development linking deep insight and knowledge from both the hearing aid and the headset industries – all under one roof.

Our researchers and scientists collaborate on new technology concepts across consumer, professional and medical grade products and solutions. They share insights and innovation breakthroughs across research clusters and disciplines such as software, hardware, hearing science, neuroscience and psycholinguistics.

This unique combination of competencies enables the GN Group to develop truly intelligent audio solutions that make life sound better for users of our products around the world.