Innovation inspired by people

For 150 years, GN has been creating connections that bring people together. Today, we continue to put people at the heart of our innovations – finding ways to help people with innovative solutions for communication and collaboration, utilizing the power of sound.


Today, we have research and development centers in Denmark, the United States, the Netherlands and China. We command a unique blend of world leading expertise in the human ear, sound, speech, video, wireless technologies, audiological software and miniaturization.


We annually invest 9% of our revenue in research and development, which keeps us at the forefront with user-centric innovations that make life sound better.


Our researchers and scientists collaborate on new technology concepts across medical, professional and consumer grade products and solutions. They share insights and innovation breakthroughs across research clusters and disciplines such as software, hardware, hearing science, neuroscience and psycholinguistics.


We are able to be at the forefront of new scientific breakthroughs and foster new talent with our collaboration with external research centers and universities, and our ongoing work with leading scientists across the world.


This enables GN to always be ahead of the curve with new technology and innovation inspired by people’s needs. And to continue to provide intelligent audio solutions that let people Hear More, Do More and Be More than they ever thought possible.