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Building the technology of the future, sustainably

Through the power of our products, we aim to maximize our positive impact on people and the environment, while minimizing our operational environmental footprint.

Our sustainability approach is shaped by three principles

  • Our approach is data-driven, the changes we make to become more sustainable need to make a proven contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • We listen carefully to our stakeholders to focus on the right topics - we assume that benefits to GN from pursuing sustainability will follow when we truly do the right thing
  • Sustainability for GN is a collaborative rather than a competitive matter, and where possible we want to work in partnership to learn from others and share our own insights

These three principles guide us in how we anchor sustainability in product development, operations, sales and marketing, and our interaction with third parties.

As signatories to the UN Global Compact, we make no compromises in doing business in accordance with the ten principles of responsible business in the areas of human rights, labor, and business ethics.

On top of this foundation, we focus our sustainability efforts on three topics that are most relevant to our stakeholders and therefore best contribute to GN’s success: health, products and packaging and climate change. We have set ambitious 2025 targets to drive progress in all three areas.


Responsible Business Alliance
As an Affiliate Member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) for our GN Audio A/S business division, GN fully supports the vision and goals of the RBA:

Vision: A coalition of companies driving sustainable value for workers, the environment and business throughout the global supply chain.

Mission: Members, suppliers and stakeholders collaborate to improve working and environmental conditions and business performance through leading standards and practices. We commit to progressively align its own operations with the provisions of the RBA Code of Conduct and to support and encourage its own first-tier suppliers to do the same. Wherever possible, we will seek to adopt the RBA approach and tools in practical ways in the spirit of the industry’s common goals.


2025 sustainability goals

GN's 2025 sustainability goals build upon our long commitment to make real and lasting impact. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, our goals focus on three priority areas where we believe we can make the greatest impact.


Protecting our planet

The science is clear: climate change is the major environmental challenge of our time. As a company that operates globally, we have a role to play in addressing this issue. Beyond developing solutions that help our users choose remote collaboration over carbon-emitting travel, this means we want to significantly reduce the negative climate impact of our activities.

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Truly sustainable products and packaging

Our products are uniquely designed to improve people’s quality of life, improving hearing and health, and supporting remote, sustainable collaboration. And we also want to make sure that the way our products and packaging are designed, manufactured, and treated at the end of their life minimizes the need for virgin materials and creates opportunities for re-use or recycling of valuable materials.

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Improving health and wellbeing

We enable people to live better and more fulfilling lives through the power of our intelligent hearing, audio, and collaboration solutions. Our ambition is to improve the health and well-being of as many people as we can, with special care for unmet needs in the developing world.

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How we aim to get there

To achieve our goals, we will continue to make sustainability a key consideration in everything we do. We will not build a separate sustainability governance, but instead use existing decision-making structures to effectively drive progress.

We aim to continue building a strong culture of sustainability across GN by working in partnerships to achieve our goals, across our business and with our suppliers, business partners, and customers.  


Our business standards

2020 marked our 10th year as a committed signatory to the UN Global Compact and its 10 principles of responsible business. These principles guide us in everything we do. We uphold and protect human rights throughout our supply chain, ensure our labor practices meet international standards by protecting the freedoms and rights of anyone working in our supply chain, take responsibility for our environmental footprint and actively work to reduce it through our products, and uphold the highest standards of business ethics.

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Policies and reports

GN has a wide range of policies relating to corporate responsibility and corporate governance.

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Handshake policies and reports

Whistleblower hotline

We encourage an open and honest dialog, and we encourage you to come forward if you suspect or believe serious misconduct in GN Group. We know it is not always easy to come forward. This is why we have adopted a whistleblower hotline. You can use this hotline if you do not feel that you can report your concern directly to someone in the GN Group, e.g., your usual contact person. Alternatively, you can speak to GN Group Legal. 

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