2015 graduates finally graduated

Our very first graduates have completed the program – and have begun permanent positions at GN

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Aug 09, 2017

Our graduates that started in 2015 have now finished the two year graduate program. Fortunately for us, they have both accepted permanent positions and start in their new roles September 1.

Finance graduates, Mads Fogh Nielsen and Niclas Raulund Ege, have been offered permanent analyst positions in GN. Mads Fogh Nielsen will be reporting to Senior Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, Philip Berg Frederiksen, whereas Niclas Raulund Ege will be reporting to Vice President of Investor Relations & Treasury, Peter Justesen.

Peter Justesen has had the pleasure of having Niclas in his department the last 8 months and is looking forward to having Niclas as a permanent part of his team:
“Niclas has shown great commitment and a strong ability to perform in the different roles as part of the Graduate program, both in headquarters and during his stay in the US with GN Audio,” says Peter Justesen, VP Investor Relations & Treasury.

The graduates have both been offered positions in the departments that they are currently doing their third rotation in. They spent their second rotation in the US and have been back in Denmark since January. The rotations have given them the necessary training:

“The fact that both of the graduates have been offered permanent roles in key functions show testimony to the fact that we choose the very best to become our graduates, and that the program prepares the graduates very well,” adds Peter Justesen.

Reflecting on the last two years
We talked to the soon-to-be ex graduates about their experiences in the graduate program:

Why did you choose to accept the new positions?

Niclas: I really like the department that I am at now both in terms of the tasks where I get to touch base with many parts of the organization and in cooperation with the top management, but also the people in it. They are very professional and proficient.

Mads: I agree. I also experience being able to reach all corners of the organization. Additionally, I get to work with project management within a field that I find very interesting. Having project management experience might become very valuable for me in the long run if I at some point want to become a leader.
He adds: I like that I am working with people who continually seek to do things even better – it’s very inspiring.

What do you like about GN?

Mads: I like that GN is such a big player. This gives us the opportunity to go on exchange during this graduate program but might also make it possible to get international work experience in the long run. It’s also very interesting products that you can relate to. I find the technology and the yet unexplored possibilities surrounding hearing aids fascinating which makes it fascinating to work here. 

Niclas: Just being allowed to work for one of the largest tech and med-tech companies is a privilege. And also the fact that we have gotten this international exposure. The colleagues I have met throughout the program have been welcoming, easy to work with and very good teachers. That means a lot to me.

What did you get out of it?

Niclas: With the program you get the opportunity to develop a big network and get a closer connection to e.g. the subsidiaries as well. If I had just gotten a regular post-graduation job I would not have gotten such a big network across the organization. You get an understanding of how all of the company is interconnected and works together.

Mads: Especially having the rotation in one of the international subsidiaries is important. You get a whole other feel to the organization and sort of ‘get the story told from both sides’. You get a holistic view of the company that you cannot really get anywhere else.

What are your plans for the future? Is CEO of GN a part of your future plans?

Prompt response from Mads: Yes I would like that! [laughing] There’s probably a bit way to go though. But yeah, I might want to become GN’s CEO but that’s far out in the future so I don’t really think about it that much now. But I am going in that direction and would like to become a mid-level manager in GN in maybe a ten year horizon.

Niclas: I totally agree. Becoming a CEO is not really possible within the next ten or maybe even twenty years but you can work your way up.

Any advice for the new graduates joining us in September?

Niclas: Have patience! That’s the best advice we have as you need to learn new things all the time and be patient about your own progress.

Mads: When you do your first rotation you kind of start off being a bit dumb – straight off college. But during the 8 months each place you start getting smarter, and you learn how to do things in the right way. Then you go to your second rotation and you almost start from scratch again. In that way, you need to have patience but you also learn a lot from having this steep learning curve each time you change location.

When one door closes another opens – new graduates starting in September
Seeing an end to the graduate period for Mads and Niclas means that new graduates are on the way. The new graduates are starting their two year graduate program in September. GN is proud of its graduate program now running on its third year and see it as an important part of the People Excellence strategy.

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