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Jabra outplays Danish competitors in digital visibility

GN Latest News February 03, 2014

Jabra outplays Danish competitors in digital visibility

A new analysis by the consultancy firm Pipeline Communications of the digital visibility of three Danish manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers and headphones concludes that Jabra is superior at online marketing.

Pipeline Communications has performed their analysis in the weeks before and after the world’s largest consumer electronics show, CES, in Las Vegas and declares Jabra as the best brand at reaching its target group through social media.

Jabra has 96% of the share-of-voice* of the total global publicity for all three brands. The publicity is wide-ranging as the analysis measures new posts, blogs and articles that mention a given brand on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and online media, blogs and various portals for distribution of press releases and reviews.

CEO Pipeline Communication, Claus Jensen, states:

“Jabra is superior because they have been able to activate their retailers. If you wish to sell you need to be present where your customers are. The Jabra brand reaches almost eight million people. If these people “like” or share the information with 100 people each the estimated viral effect is 800 million views”.

Jabra’s Director of Online Marketing Michael Harboe explains:

“Social media is becoming increasingly important to Jabra. We reach an enormous audience, and for many it is their first experience with our brand and products. We know that the potential of social media is growing, and we will continue searching for new opportunities to expand our market and grow preference for owning a Jabra product”.

Stronger online presence, including digital marketing, is one of the strategic initiatives for GN Netcom in the GN strategy 2014 – 2016. To read more about GN’s strategy please click here

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*Share-of-voice is the percentage of advertising activities for one brand within the total advertising activity for an entire sector or product type. The measurement indicates frequency, reach and ad ratings.
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